Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Regualtion of the media sector

Regulatory and professional bodies:

 British video association; BVA is a home video endtertainment organisation which wass establishecd in 1980.

Film Distributors association; FDA is the trade body for theatrical film distributors in the UK

Video standards concil; VCA is a non-profit making body setup to devlope and oversee a cod of practice

Trading standars central; Trading standards central in an institute that is the professional association which represents trading standards professionals in the UK and overseas.

Press complaints commission; PCC id a vonluntry regulatory body for the british printed newspapers and magazines, consisting of representatives of the major publishers.

Advertiseing standards authority;  ASA is a self-regulatory organisation of the advertiseing industry in the UK

The independant games developers assocaiation;  TIGA is a national trade association representing the business and commerical  interests of the video and comupter game developers in the UK and Europe.

British academy of film and televison arts; BAFTA is a charity in the UK which hosts annual awards shows for film, televison, televison craft, video games and forms of animation.

Commercial radio companies associaiton; CRCA is the trade bosy of the UK's commercial radio, it represents commerical radio to the goverment, the radio authority, copyright societies and other organsations.

The international visual communications assciations;  IVCA  is the dependent not for profit membership organsiation representing the creators and commissioners of film, video, digital and live envents fot the corporate and public sectors.

Worldwide web consortium; worldwide web consortium also known as W3C is the main international standards organization for the worldwide web.

British web desing and marketing assocaitation; the BWDMA was established in 1999 initially attracting membership from those involved in web design however soon its reach spread to incude all thoise involved in the digital ecnomy.

British interactive multimeda association; the BIMA is an industry body representing the digital industry in the UK

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